Eugenia Lis was born in Moscow on the 10th of November,


She began to draw when she was 1.5 years old. Since her earliest childhood

she wanted to become a scientist and a writer of fairytales. From 1990 to

2000 she went to a special school with the advanced study of German.

Towards graduation she began to write short stories and draw illustrations for them.

From 1993 to 2003 she was studying and working as an interior designer in

000 “Lucky Line. In 2000 she entered the Humanitarian-Applied Institute in Moscow

(Design and Fashion faculty). In 2006 she got the honors degree, defending the

graduation paper “Masquerade in everyday life”. After graduation she got a diploma

in airbrush art. For two years she was working in auto-technical center “Grasauto” as

an airbrush artist. From 2008 to 2011 she was working as a decorator and then a lead

interior designer in “Fillippe Grandy”.

As of now she paints pictures, gives private lessons in drawing, painting and graphics.

She also practices photography, graphic design and illustration.

Her favorite materials are gouache, tempera, and oils.

Many of her works are in private collections. Most of her works are available for purchase.

“I personally call my main profession “researcher”, “explorer”. To my mind there is nothing more interesting than exploration of the world, of the people, of myself. This is exactly what any artist does, touching every subject of his or her exploration with his or her eyes, hands, soul.

My father and my grandfather worked in graphics. My maternal great-grandfather was an icon painter. Painting is stronger than me indeed! I often laugh that I cannot do anything else, well, perhaps except for cooking. Someone sees life as something static and unchanging, but for me its way different. Every day the whole streams of sensations are flowing upon me, and I feel a deep necessity to pass them further, since it’s simply impossible to leave them within. As I can I pass them further, also trying to constantly develop myself.

It’s hard for me to admire alone. Both delight and fear I ache to share. I do not inhabit the world with made up creatures and symbols. I feel them with my heart, and with my paintings I’m saying: “Here what it’s like! Just see how delightful it is!”

See, watch, and maybe, you’ll be able to find yourself there too…”

- Eugenilis.